Convert your stove in an instant griller. Put the McGrill on your stove and grill everyday, rain or shine. It takes one click on your stove to start right away. Grill in your kitchen or out in the garden.
      The McGrill has a stainless grill (Parilla) that does not allow oil and water to drip into the fuel. NO MORE ‘’ MAKALAWANG na Parilla,’’ and no rust to mix with your food. Grill even frozen food.
      Use the McGrill Dome (sold separately) as cover for faster cooking, reheating of bread like ‘’pandesal, ensaymada’’, pizza, cakes, biscuits & left-over-food.
McGrill really cooks fast. (LPG)  
  Extra juicy Tilapia in 8 mins.
  Four (4) pcs. Of porkchop in 10 mins.
  One-half (1/2) inch steak in 12 mins.
  Six (6) pcs. Hamburger patties in 6 mins.
  Two (2) pcs. Of beef tapa in 8 mins.
  One (1) slice fish in 8 mins.
  Whole medium-sized fish in 12 mins.
  Six (6) pcs. Of chicken wings in 10 mins.
  Three pcs. Chicken legs in 12 mins.
In cooking fish and chicken, rub food with oil. Leave it on the grate for five (5) minutes before turning it to the other side in order not to peel the skin.
For Barbeques, place the stick outwardly, with the food on the grate. Turn the food more often to avoid it from sticking and be cooked evenly.
For re-heating left-over-food, use ceramic plate or bowl. Cover with the McGrill dome or an improvised cover. The process is usually done in 2 mins with medium flame.
To grill shrimps. Place on the grate and cover. Turn in 4 mins, done in 7 as the shell gets red.
To reheat lechon. Cut it into serving size and grill with cover. Turn in 2 mins, done in 4. Notice the oil collected in the oilpan.
Flavor-Filled Crab. Prepare your own style of flavor filling in sauce-like texture. Puncture the shell covering of the crab with a nail and inject mixture using a ham syringe. Close the opening with a cut of potato pressed into the hole. Grill with a cover till the shell turns red, in about 15 mins depending on the size of the crab.
      Indeed, your kitchen is not complete without a McGrill. The McGrill utilizes its unique design and the high heat produced by the clean LPG fuel to cook food in record time. Thus avoiding the loss of natural juices and vital nutrients. In the process, the grilled food turns more tender and tastier. The McGrill is durable to last for many years.
      The Mcgrill can be adapted to LPG, Electric and Charcoal stoves.
Reminders: Preheat the ‘’parilla’’ and rub oil to the fish before grilling.
  Use fork to turn the food easily. Cook on low flame to minimize smoke
  Do not overcook. Put soy sauce to the food for that appetizing golden brown result when done.
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