McGrill is an invented product perfected by inventor Manuel Ruiz Dono an Award Winning Product Designer / Inventor in the Philippines.  
    It is a fact that HEART DISEASE is the number one killer all over the world. It kills more than wars nor what the worst calamities have done. Heart Disease kills every minute, everyday in alarming consistency.  
    This huge global problem is attributed to our own lifestyle including the unabated intake of fatty foods. Solution? Shift to grilling food whenever it is possible.  
    McGrill is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. Solving almost all problems that had stopped us to grill. Better this time, the food cooked with McGrill remains more juicy and tender even when it cools down. And can be reheated to taste exactly like newly cooked. The retention of 85% of the natural juice in the cooked food made this possible.  
    And the use of quality materials in the manufacture of McGrill assures a trouble free grilling activity for more than five years.  
    Indeed the simple invention in McGrill can save millions of lives worldwide and perhaps your own family.  
    Just to encourage people to grill. We have a McGrill model to serve your needs, be it on LPG, Electric, Charcoal or even Old Newspaper. Let’s spread the good news, and grill with the McGrill.  
    Whenever we Fry we actually ADD Oil. In GRILLING we remove the oil. Making the Grill Process and ANTIDOTE.  
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